Bread Menu Wall Hanging

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- There is only 2 bread menus ever made, one for sale and one that I have decided to keep for myself. This is considered a collectible art piece and is essentially a 1/1 original <3
- Breads are hand sculpted with polymer clay, painted with acrylic paint, sealed with glossy or matte varnish
- Breads are GLUED down to the board, they are NOT magnets, and they are NOT removeable.
- Breads are glued down to a wooden frame chalkboard with a wall hanging scewed in on the back

- About 7.75 inches wide and 11.25 inches in height and 0.75 inches thick

*Since these are hand made please keep in mind these will not be PERFECT and can have minor imperfections/variations between pairs!*
*Colors may vary depending on your monitor*